Rob Kopp, MD

The Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists of Florida are proud to welcome Rob Kopp, MD. A native of Buffalo, NY, Dr. Kopp developed a keen interest in the impactful efforts of a surgeon at a young age when his baby sister was saved by the hands of an otolaryngology surgeon. 

 He attended Saint Lawrence University as an undergraduate coupling a pre-medical curriculum with an economics major. Economics complemented his interest in medicine as the discipline attempts to understand the decisions people make. When not in the classroom, his time was spent on the field as a varsity lacrosse player. Working as a team to achieve common goals is a core guiding principle of Dr. Kopp’s and one that is imperative in each of his patient interactions. He graduated with honors and commenced his medical education at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. 

 From the first days of medical school, Dr. Kopp found the anatomy of the face, head and neck fascinating. In the classroom, he honed his understanding of diseases impacting this region. He was actively engaged in research to advance patient outcomes in the field of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. During all 4 years in medical school Dr. Kopp served as College of Medicine Vice President building leadership skills. With these efforts, he came to appreciate the impactful efforts of surgeons and chose to pursue a career as an Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon. The breadth of the special, intricate surgeries, technologic capabilities and the ability to alter patient’s daily lives drove this decision. Dr. Kopp was thrilled to stay at Upstate to complete his surgical training under the guidance of his medical school mentors.

 During his surgical training Dr. Kopp made understanding and optimizing the patient experience a key priority. Too often, he feels, patients suffer as their questions are unanswered and comprehension is not ensured. Communication and education are imperative to optimizing treatment and Dr. Kopp takes great pride in each patient encounter. These principles drove Dr. Kopp to develop technology that tracks therapeutic effectiveness, enhance patient access to their physician, streamline the appointment process and empowers patients with access to personal health data. This focus on making patient care better was coupled with a broad experience in diagnosing and managing, both medically and surgically, disease of the face, head and neck. At Upstate, Dr. Kopp participated in caring for adults and children with particular emphasis on disease of the thyroid, sinuses and ears. He is particularly interested in breathing disorders caused by nasal deformities, sinus disease and/or allergies. He looks forward to bringing these skills to serve the people of Southwest Florida.

 Having spent his whole life in New York, Dr. Kopp looks forward to joining his family who relocated to Fort Myers, Florida. For the majority of his life, he’s visited Southwest Florida and is thrilled to now call it home. Both he and his wife came to love the region, culture and people. They look forward to raising their first son here and becoming active members of the Fort Myers Community.