Katherine Cardona, AuD

Dr. Cardona completed her undergraduate career at the University of Maryland – College Park in Hearing and Speech Sciences. She developed a fondness for audiology after long discussions with her cousin who experienced hearing loss during his time in the Marine Corps. After completing an internship at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, her passion for helping those with hearing loss was solidified.

Dr. Cardona went on to complete her doctoral program at East Tennessee State University where she spent three years at the Mountain Home Veterans’ Affairs Hospital. At the VA, Dr. Cardona spent time doing research on tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, and their co-occurrence with other health conditions. She presented her research at the national American Speech-Language Hearing Association conference in November 2016, where she received a scholarship for student research.

For her externship year prior to graduation, Dr. Cardona was granted the single spot at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. Dr. Cardona spent extensive time working with patients from all over the country with complex audiologic disorders. She completed research involving listening effort with the use of hearing aids, which was presented at the American Academy of Audiology conference in April 2017.

Although born and raised in Delaware, Dr. Cardona has always considered Fort Myers a “second home”. Her mother grew up in the area and she visited with her family every summer since she was a child. During her free time, Dr. Cardona loves spending time with her cats, volunteering with the Humane Society, and watching college football.